“MMA Fitness / Muay Thai Kickboxing  is the best all around fitness workout.”
​--Jillian Michaels – America’s Toughest Trainer-Time …

Primal Kickboxing

                           has unbeatable classes and focused workouts for:

Adult Fitness – Weight loss, Muscle toning, and Stamina in only 30 minutes!
Children’s Martial Arts – Focus and Confidence building in our popular kids classes
Competitors in MMA, Kickboxing, and Grappling competitions

The Primal Kickboxing class will force you to dig deep and bring out a side of you that you did not know you had. Classes are self-paced, and your Trainer will take you to the level you should be at.

You leave feeling better every class with the new you!

We Help You Build a Body You Can Be Proud Of:

Shred Fat – Our 30 min. workouts increase your metabolism – become a fat burning machine!
Tone & Strong for leaner, longer, and sexier muscles.
Increased Endurance & Stamina – no more dragging through the day
Build Your Confidence – Once you start looking better, everyone will notice the changes immediately.
Fun! – Everybody says they stay at Primal Kickboxing because it’s so much fun!

All you need to spare is 30 minutes of your day. 

“I love Primal Kickboxing, I mean REALLY Love you guys! You are genuine, the classes are for real, and my body now looks and feels like it did twenty years ago. Thank you for the best 30 minutes of my day and all the encouragement!” – Madison Everson

Everyone says they look forward to it! (no more dreading working out like you may have in the past.)

Our intense class takes the high extreme cardio factor of Muay Thai training and packs it into a 30 minute class, this way your body does not have time to slow down during the class and causing your muscle to get too cold. When working out an important thing to prevent is letting your body cool down before you are done because then it makes it harder for your muscles to pump back up and have you perform at the optimal level. Fitness is a 100 percent about struggle and success but we, at Primal Kickboxing, do not want you struggling because of distractions you may encounter at other gyms.

What you need for Our Kickboxing Class:

Gym Clothes/Shoes
30 minutes of your time

Remember when you are doing this class while you are getting in cardio, your muscles are taking a beating and you are turning into a kickboxing monster each class you attend.

 Primal Kickboxing
33 W. White Horse Pike
Berlin, NJ 08009
(856) 505-0300


Our kickboxing classes use real boxing gloves, hit real bags, and use real techniques to give you the funnest, most calorie-killing workout of your life.​


Carl Mascarenhas, our founder, World Cup Gold Medalist in Kickboxing 1995 and a 1995-1999 4 x US National Kickboxing Champion...

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Shred Fat – Our 30 min. workouts increase your metabolism – become a fat burning machine!    

Tone & Strong for leaner, longer, and Sexier Muscles.

All you need to spare is 30 minutes of your day. 

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